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What is a Stock?

A stock is a part of the rifle that is attached to the buffer tube and held against the shoulder while shooting. The primary function of the stock is to give the shooter support and stability when aiming and/or firing.

Things to consider when purchasing a stock

The stock can have a serious impact on the accuracy of your rifle. While the ergonomics of a stock presents its own set of issues, some important factors to consider when choosing a stock:

  • How tight and secure the stock is to the action (buffer tube). It’s important that the rifle does not shift or move under recoil.
  • Solid and strong material. While the aesthetics of wood are widely popular, harsh environmental conditions (to an extent) can negatively impact your accuracy. In some extreme cases, changes in shape of the stock could occur.

What makes the LA™ Stock different from other stocks?

LA™ stands for Lever Action. Every product we create at Fortis has an intent and reasoning behind it. The rattle and movement of a stock is the biggest gripe we have with buttstocks that are on the market. Some move and rattle more or less than others - and while you may notice it as soon as you pin it to your shoulder - it doesn’t always bother you enough to do something about it. We wanted to eliminate that and made a buttstock that features a patent-pending Lever Action design and compression system that fit tight and securely against a mil-spec buffer tube.
The shape of the lever on the stock was an idea we came up with and is sort of an homage to a pump shotgun. It features a real carbon fiber cheek piece and weighs just under 15.8 ounces. Our bundle pack features a buffer tube cerakoted in sniper grey with laser markings to help you easily navigate between positions.

Below are the features and a preview of the LA™ stock:

  • Patent Pending Lever Action design clamps down onto standard mil-spec buffer tube. This eliminates any rattle or movement
  • Real Carbon Fiber cheek piece
  • Slim design, strength by design
  • 3 QD sockets for various needs
  • Easily removes off the buffer tube with no additional tools needed
  • Material: Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Military Specification Type III Hard Coat Anodized
  • Fits standard mil-spec buffer tubes (recommend purchasing our bundle pack)
  • Weight - 15.8oz!

Click here to watch the LA stock product review and purchase the LA stock!

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