Precision Refined: Introducing the Fortis Mfg Enhanced B8 Target
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The quest for precision in shooting sports and tactical training is an ever-evolving journey, driven by both skill enhancement and technological innovation in equipment. Fortis Manufacturing steps into this arena with the Enhanced B8 Target, a revolutionary tool designed to significantly improve accuracy and efficiency during range days. Building upon the foundation of the beloved standard B8 targets, Fortis Mfg has introduced several key features aimed at enriching the shooting experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Let's delve into the standout attributes of the Enhanced B8 Target and explore how it's set to redefine standards in shooting accuracy. 

Elevating the Standard B8 Bullseye 

At its core, the Enhanced B8 Target retains the classic appeal of the standard B8 bullseye, revered for its simplicity and effectiveness in measuring shooting accuracy. This familiar foundation ensures that shooters of all levels can transition seamlessly to using the enhanced version without missing a beat in their training regimen. 

Precision-Enhancing Features

Fortis Manufacturing has augmented the traditional B8 target with innovative features designed to enhance the shooter's experience and performance: 

1/2" Grid Lines: Offering precise reference points for shot placement, the grid lines facilitate immediate adjustments and fine-tuning of aim, enhancing the shooter's ability to achieve tighter groupings with each session.

 Windage & Elevation Direction Indicators: These intuitive indicators provide quick references for adjusting sights in response to windage and elevation changes, allowing shooters to compensate for environmental factors swiftly and accurately. 

Cold Bore Target: Specifically designed for the initial shot of the day, the cold bore target section helps shooters assess their zero without affecting the main target area, ensuring that every shot counts towards improvement. 

Reduced 25-yard Range Zeroing Targets for 50yds, 100yds, 300yds: Catering to a wide range of shooting distances, these reduced targets allow for efficient zeroing at 25 yards, simulating longer ranges. This feature is invaluable for shooters looking to fine-tune their optics and iron sights for various scenarios, from competitive events to tactical operations. 

Transforming Range Day 

With these enhancements, the Enhanced B8 Target by Fortis Mfg transforms a standard range day into a comprehensive training session. Shooters can not only gauge their accuracy with the traditional B8 bullseye but also refine their skills through precise adjustments, environmental compensation, and distance zeroing. The added features make each range visit more productive, providing tangible metrics for improvement and skill development. 


The Fortis Mfg Enhanced B8 Target is more than just a piece of paper; it's a meticulously designed training aid that brings together the best aspects of traditional targets and modern shooting needs. By incorporating feedback from the shooting community and leveraging innovative design, Fortis Manufacturing has created a target that makes every shot, every adjustment, and every training session count. Whether you're aiming to improve your competitive shooting scores, enhance your tactical training, or simply enjoy a more engaging and productive day at the range, the Enhanced B8 Target stands ready to elevate your shooting precision to new heights.

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