Hammer™ AR15/M16 Charging Handle - 5.56MM - Black Anodize


TORQUE™ Pistol Grip (PG) - Standard

Sticker Pack

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We wanted to give you guys a full pack of stickers you can show off in support of our company and brand. If you're a Fortis enthusiast, you're going to want one of these.

The Sticker Pack entitles you to a few benefits:

- Exclusive discounts not offered to the general public. Your account will be slated as a Season 1 sticker pack holder and will receive emails on discounts that will be limited to your account.

- Periodic coupon codes to new products for a limited time. Keep the QR coded stickers! You'll need these to enter the page in which the coupon codes will listed.

- Access to the Facebook Support Group (link) - where you can also get limited time offerings on all products (new and old, while supplies last), receive support on issues you're having with product installation, get a first look at new prototypes we're working on and also be chosen as a beta tester for our new products.


F Shield Stickers:

Width: 2.44" Length: 3"

Full Length Stickers:

Width: 5" Length: 2.5"

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