K2 & SS/SLS Bundle
K2 & SS/SLS Bundle

K2 & SLS/SS Bundle

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K2 System (Locking Lever) Castle Nut - LE™ Lightweight Enhanced AR15 End Plate


When designing our new Lightweight Enhanced (LE™) Castle Nut & End Plate System, we came up with two systems that virtually eliminates the risk of your castle nut ever backing out. With our two lockdown systems (K1 & K2), we've engineered a solution to install the castle nut onto the end plate that is not only robust, but also stands true to our brand of innovation and ingenuity. The K2 system utilizes a locking lever design that seats itself through a designed slot on the bottom of the end plate and into corresponding cutouts on the castle nut. This ultra precision fit allows the castle nut to seat itself into place without the need of staking the end plate. No set screws, no backing out and no failures. All of these features at only .53 oz / 15 grams!


  • Lightweight design at only .53 oz / 15 grams total
  • Castle nut and end plate are 7075 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Quick Detach Socket - 360º rotational locking interface
  • No set screws or ratcheting systems that can't be reused
  • Made in the USA
*The color of actual product may vary from image. Anodizing can also differ from each batch.

SS FIFTY Safety Selector (50 & 90 Degree)


When designing our new Fortis Super Sport (SLS/SS) FIFTY™, we made sure our brand's innovation, intent and quality were evident in every aspect of the design. While most AR safety selectors in the market today rely on standard socket/torx screws, the Fortis SLS/SS FIFTY™ was engineered with our patent pending RidgeKey™ locking mechanism. This system allows the levers to secure itself onto the selector core with a solid point of contact and thus eliminating any weak points in the system. Our selector core is coated in black nitride, giving you a smoother surface and superior resistance to wear.

Never worry about the possibility of your screw backing out, breaking, or snapping with the Fortis SLS/SS FIFTY™.


  • Ambidextrous 6061 T6 Aluminum selector levers
  • 4140 Steel selector core coated in black nitride
  • Medium length for optimum performance
  • Built in 50 and 90 degree options
  • Robust RidgeKey™ locking mechanism with no visible screws
  • Strategically placed serrations to offer maximum real estate for contact
  • Made in the USA
*The color of actual product may vary from image. Anodizing can also differ from each batch.

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