Becoming a Fortis MFG Dealer

From inception, our goal has been to center the growth and maturation of Fortis by promoting our dealers through the entire purchase and sales experience. Whether you’re a long time retailer or recently set up your business, we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to becoming a direct dealer.

Historically, our pricing has been aggressive, as we work with our dealers to ensure they're being set up for success. We have a multitude of resources for your business, which will be included in our dealer packet:

2020 Product Catalog - All products, features, SKU's and MSRP pricing. Includes new products like the LE™ Castle Nut End Plate Systems & the SS50™ Safety Selector.

Upper Configurations Guide - Give your customers a visual of what their rifle would look like with this guide. It includes our rails, their respective lengths as well all other products on the complete upper.

- and much more!

Fill out our Dealer Inquiry form to get started and become an authorized direct dealer for Fortis Manufacturing!

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