SWITCH™ & Night Rail™ Barrel Nut Wrench / Spanner Wrench


SWITCH™ 308 Rail System - Barrel Nut

SWITCH™ 308 Rail System - Anti-Rotational Barrel Nut

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Product Code: 308 SWITCH™ Series
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The anti-rotational barrel nut for our SWITCH™ rail system for the DPMS high profile 308 platform.  Having an extra barrel nut allows you to remove our Switch rail from one upper to another in a matter of seconds.  Many have found this to be extremely useful.  The barrel nut has anti-rotational cutouts and come with shims to time correctly.  While most have found that our clamping force on our standard barrel nuts are so tight that this anti-rotational nut isn't needed.  You can get this for added protection against rail twist/turn.


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